Nusa Wisata Activity

Wake Dolphin

Price : IDR 1.430.000
You can play wake dolphin in Bali.

Karma Dimare

Beach Club IDR 450.000 ++
No Beach Club IDR 350.000
This already icluded TEA TIME

The Edge (Lunch) Alacate IDR 250.000 /Pax ++

Bali Hai Reef Walk (Reef cruise + Aquanut IDR 1.960.000 ++

Paragliding IDR 1.461.680 / USD $ 110

Elephant IDR 1.129.480 / USD $ 85

D'Nusa Lembongan IDR 1.729.000 / Pax


Talaso SPA

Karma SPA

Himalayan Healing Journey's 2,5 hours IDR 2.299.000 ++

Taman Air

Lulur 120 Minute IDR 1.328.800 / USD $ 100 ++
Aromatherapy 120 Minute IDR 996.600 / USD $ 75 ++

Bali Ratu SPA

Lulur IDR 1.156.056 / USD $ 87 ++
Body Massage IDR 1.089.616 / USD $ 82 ++


  • Bali Safari & Marine Park

    This is the best choice to meet lots of animals! At Bali safari & marine park, the only safari park in Bali, taking photos with the baby animals as well as the safari tour, elephant rides, and camel rides are very popular, alonside a special tram. There are other fulfilling non animal attractions like the Variagon shaw, if you plan to spend the whole day with your family.
  • Elephant Ride

    Jalan Jalan (For a relaxing walk) peacefully on the back of a big elephant! Elephant rides that cannot be experienced much of anywhere else are availabe here. Enjoy a nice calm stroll on an elephants back, down the country road and jungle. In Bali, elephant rides can be enjoyed in two places, north Taro village in Ubud, and Chalanzali village in the west Ayung River. Please enjoy these beautiful area's~.
  • Camel Safari

    Why not enjoy a ride on the beach, sitting on the back of a camel? In front of Nikko Bali, walking on the beach of Nusa Dua with a camel, you feel like you are in the world of the Arabian Nights.
    A guide slowly walks a grown-up camel with you on top. Not something you do every day, and its a lot of fun.
  • Bali Zoo

    Bali zoo is the first in Bali, to have 450 species of animals live within 8.5 hectares of land. In Bali zoo, you no only enjoy viewing animals, but also experience contact with them in various ways such as the elephant ride, feeding event, bird shows, and photo shoots.
    Also, there are night events that are extremely popular, such as kids private pool to explore during the night zoo
  • Horse riding

    Why not enjoy some horse riding on the beach of Bali? In Saba beach, north of Sanur, you can relax on the back of a horse, overlooking Mount Agung and Nusapenida. Also on the beach, you can see colorful traditional fishing vessels, Jukun, and temples.
    You will always have an experienced guide, so for those not well experienced in horse riding, you can easily relax with their advice.
  • Rafting

    A thrill of being on the river, in a rubber boat riding in the jungle! This is the most popular rafting in all of Bali.
    In the un touched nature, the rush of the rivers descent will clense your mind, you will feel good. Joining together with the other members of you boat to overcome the waters! This sensation of accomplishment is only gained here! Try the thrill of nature rafting!
  • Cycling

    If you enjoy the beautiful nature of Bali, the sights of rustic villages, and more, then this cycling is the best! Together with a guide, you will enjoy the natural breeze and landscape, at a reasonable pace.
    Lets explore the life of Bali through cycling in Orchards, fields, rice fields, temples and so on.
  • Buggy & Quad

    Lets explore with a buggy/quad deep inside of Bali! This activity is a rural expedition tour with easily operated, powerful buggy/quad's.
    These machines with high power drive through rice fields, muddy roads, and slanted slopes! Lets explore the mountains and much more together here in Bali, with your buggies/Quad's!
  • Canyon Tube

    Time to explore the river in a forest with a single person boat! Canyon Tube is a fun nature activity in Bali.
    Its single or double rafting that gives thrills but requires an adventurous spirit to go down the clear stream that flows through the jungle. Due to the size of the stream, we use smaller boats because normal rafts cannot fit. So the experience is unique and exciteing
  • ATV Ride

    Lets plow through the mountain of Bali with a four wheel drive ATV! Atv ride is a thrilling option in activities that runs you around Bali mountains and rice paddies.
    The ATV's are powerful and easy to operate! Through mud or even steep slopes! Push hard, and go where no car can.

  • Trekking

    Explore the real charm of Bali with your own two feet! Why not trek through the beautiful landscape of Bali forests, a tropical sight as far as the eye can see. Rice fields spread far and wide, and rural towns are brought to life with cultural touch.
    You can see the charm of Bali that you could otherwise not inside of a vehicle.
  • Power spot and yoga tour

    Lets cleanse your body, mind, and soul of the stress of life. Island of gods, Bali, is one of the most powerful spots in the world, Where you purify your body of the stress that has gathered in social life.
    With this particularly power spot in Bali, you do prayer at Lampyan Temple (Sumbayan) and Yoga & Healthy meal at the beach cottage in the Eastern Area.
  • Eastern Bali Tour - The Touch

    Sightseeing tours are not complete without the Eastern Spot in Bali, a highly recommended spot. If you want to have a real tour, to see the REAL Bali, The Touch here is a wonderful experience by open wagon.
    In the Eastern Bali region where the culture and nature of Bali from the old days are not visited very often. If you would like to see a traditional real Bali, join us!
  • Water bomb

    Play around in a water slide, or the lazy river! The water theme park in Kuta area of downtown Bali is here with Waterbomb! Its a fun amusement park that does not get old, even if you spend all day there with the family on the screaming slider, flowing pool, and kids pool! Lets all go together under the tropical sun.
  • Paintball

    It is time to go around Nozan, shoot paintballs and steal the flag! Pointball is a challenge complete with flag captures and tactical positioning to overtake your enemy.
    You shoot gelatin balls filled with water-soluble paint using a special air gun. Its not wel known across the whole world, but very popular in the United States and Canada.

  • Chocolate factory tour

    In a factory surrounded by the chocolatey smell, fills your heart with happyness.
    Did you know that high quality cacao is cultivated in Bali? Why not make chocolate from cocoa under the tropical sun? This factory tour will help you experience extracting raw cacao to make chocolate.


お客様の口コミ・レビューBali Activity reviews

There are many things to do in Bali, Some of them not available in all locations across the world. But there are always questions and concerns, things you wonder about, things that worry you.

Therefore, we have compiled multiple reviews from our guests that used to hopefully answer some of your questions to put your mind at ease. Anyone considering Bali activities, please refer to reviews below.

Reviews, Thank you

Bali Safari Park reviews
I am satisfied, Bali Safari
(posted September 25th, 2012)

Hello, i am very greatful to the Bali Safari!
The day before Bali Safari, i went to Borobudur ruins, i was very late when returning home, so i am greatful for the communication between us! Bali safari was really satisfying. Everyone were very kind, and i enjoyed much of the view before the shuttle bus arrived.
I just traveled through Bali and Jakarta, the people were very nice, and the locations as well. If you are planning to travel around bali, i recommend using this site, and visiting Bali Safari!
Thank you very much
I enjoyed talking with animals
(Posted may 16th, 2012)

Thank you very much for the experience on my trip.
Thanks to my friends, i was able to enjoy Bali on a ten night trip. Bali Safari was very fun. I enjoy the interaction i had with animals that cannot be experienced in many other countries.
In my experience, many other companies and places are late to pick up or drop off, but not from you guys, it was very good.Bali is my first country to visit, and i wish to come again!
Very satisfied
(posted August 8th, 2013)

Although i only purchased a smaller package, i did not think i would have such quality treatment, i was extremly satisfied.
The food at Savo was very delicious as well. Thank you very much!
It was crowded
(Posted December 29th, 2013)

I made a reservation for marine Safari through your company, i had a very good time with my family.
In addition since it was at the highest peak in the season, everywhere was crowdedm which put us in a situation where we had to queue for everything.
With Marine safari having various packages, the time it took to explain to each customer at the entrance is not very time effeicient.
Elephant Safari Park reviews
The elephant was cute
(Posted may 21st, 2013)

Thank you for all your hard work. The way the pickup happen and the drop off was very timely and nice, the local staff was very kind.
The elephant was cute, and it was in a very clean place. Meals were also tastey and satisfying.
We even had time to go to the spa after the quick drop off. Thank you very much.
Be careful of car sickness
(Posted July 3rd, 2013)

The other day, i visited the elephant park. It was a lot of fun. Thank you very much.
Though, the way to the elephant park is quite long, the road was very crooked and the shaking in the car was intense.
So much that a girl got sick and started to vomit, i couldnt hold back after her repeated vomitting, and i also vomit.
My bag and clothes got very dirty. The girls were crying, other children too. The country road driving was also rough, i think a lot for small children.
So i recommend you always bring a bag for that.
I enjoyed it with my whole family
(Posted july 23, 2013)

Both rafting and elephant rides were available to be enjoyed by all guests. Especially the rafting, it seemed to be a lot more fun than i imagined, and my children were very pleased. There was no problem at all transferring from the points of pick up and drop off. (I was a bit worried about the timeframe, but no problem) Thank you. If there is a chance, i would love to use again!
It was a fun time
(posted April 22nd, 2014)

Im glad i took the optional tour in Bali on Elephant, i had a very good time, thank you.
I paid the fee at reception when i arrived on site, was a little uneasy arriving, cause i was unfamiliar with the process.
I thought we would pay at pick up, many things are done that way. It would have been better if it was taken care of earlier. But thank you for the wonderful trip!
Bali Adventure Company Rafting reviews
It was the best in Bintambia
(posted March 26th, 2013)

Thank you very much for your help today.
I enjoyed rafting a lot.
At first i was a little uneasy as there were few people i knew that spoke my language. And there were trnaslation errors with certain words said, but other than that, the meal was delicious, and Bin Tambia was the best.
I had a ot of fun and hope to do it again sometime!
My family is very satisfied
(July 27th, 2013)

Thank you so much for the experience i had.
I enjoyed the cycling+Rafting+Elephant safari.
All the tours i reserved through your company, i enjoyed greatly, i was very happy i could experience it in one day.
(It was good to be able to do it all at once, driving is scary)My child was a bit uneasy, but everything fit with no problems at all.
The whole family is satisfied, thank you very much
It was great fun
(Posted January 29th, 2014)

The river kayak tour was the most enjoyable for me.
There was a lot of thrill and force in comparison to rafting.
The staff and guides were very professional.
For my next bali trip, i think i will go through this company again for another Kayak tour

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