Paradise of Nankai: What kind of people live in Bali?
Bali unique religion: What kind of religion is Bali Hinduism?
Is there taboo?
How about manners?
Here, we will explain Bali people, culture, religion and troubles to watch out for.

People and culture of Bali

About people in Bali

People living in Bali
The majority of people living in Bali are Indonesians who have lived here for a long time.
However, in Bali, where tourists from all over the world gather, are many who live to work in Indonesia, others looking for work, some Chinese indonesians, and many foreigners are staying for a long time.
Personality of the people of Bali
It is said that there are many mild and gentle people peculiar to tropical country.
There are also many families, so there are a lot of people who speak friendly to tourists.
However, some people are devious, acting talking kindly only as a skill, and not sincere. Some plan to speak friendly with you, but not really care, and plan around when you go out. Be careful of them.
The official language is "Indonesian language".
The Indonesian language is easy to remember as it is said to be "the next simple language after the mother tongue".

However, people in Bali use Bali's own "Balinese" in their daily lives. Because Indonesian is a word to remember at school, some young children and elderly people can only do "Balinese".

Also, because it is an island of tourism, we can understand English in our education since elementary school. In particular, the staff of tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants and spas are able to speak in English normally.
There are places where Japanese can communicate in hotels with many Japanese and so on.
Bali Diet
Bali is the same cuisine culture as Japan. The staple food is white rice, but there are many side dishes with thick texture, so that you can eat a large amount of rice with a small side dish.
Also, because it is a high temperature place, we cook with many oils and many dishes using spices and peppers.

People often drink coffee or black tea, but both prefer sweet drinks with plenty of sugar. Although there is a drinking habit, it is rare to drink until getting drunk because it is believed that getting drunk is embarrassing.

Restaurants menus are from various countries including Italian, French, Japanese, etc. are available in areas with many tourists. Also, local Indonesian cuisine and Balinese cuisine are cooked to suit the taste of tourists.

Religion and manner of Bali

Bali Religion
Looking at the Republic of Indonesia as a whole, nearly 80% of the people are Muslims, but in Bali, 90% of the islanders are Bali Hindus, the rest are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and others.

Bali Hinduism is Bali's own religion, mixed indigenous religion with Hinduism in India.
Like Hinduism, I worship the three gods "Brahma", "Vishnu" and "Shiva", but Bali Hinduism has "Sanghyang Widi" as the supreme god. In Bali Hinduism, various Hindu gods are considered as incarnations of Sanghyang Widi.

Hindu original home India has a fine status system (caste system) in Hinduism. Bali Hinduism also has a status system that is said to be cast in the same way, but it is not so strict in India.

In particular, in modern times there is no discrimination of occupation, by custom, and it is the extent to which the casting system can be seen in the ceremonial occasion, the religious event, the nameing method, and the Balinese language.Regarding Bali Hinduism, click here   >>Let's learn Bali Hindu religion in Bali
Characteristics of Bali Hinduism
When it comes to Bali Hinduism, there is much to offer. Everyday, the housewife (Eve) dedicates small offerings made of coconut leaves or flowers called "Chanan" and small donation made on the leaves, with cooked rice called "Saiban". It is placed outside of every house.

Also, on the day of the full moon or the day of the dark moon, we go to a village temple, or visit a rural temple on a day similar to the Bon festival called Garunggan · Kuningan. "Every day I am sacrificing and praying." This is why it is said "an island where the gods live"

However, in southern areas such as Kuta and Nusa Dua, there are more Muslims and Christians who have recently moved from Java Island and Lombok Island, so opportunities to see Bali Hinduism religious events have decreased.

Also, because there is "Ringo Tensei", the funeral is not a sad event, it is considered a rite of departure for the soul to go to the next generation. For that reason, the cremation formula called "Gaben" has become a fancy and splendid funeral that is unimaginable in most places.
I want to be careful
Because of religious reasons and cultural backgrounds, there are customs we want to protect even by travelers. If you dont follow the customs, gentle Bali people do not get angry, but since you are a traveler who is disturbing another land, let's mold our manners according to the following

· Do not touch or stroke your head.
Because the head of a person is sacred, do not touch your head unnecessarily. In particular, stroking the child's head is strictly prohibited.

· The every day handling is with your right hand.
Not only in Hinduism, Islam believe that the unclean hand is the left hand. Let's make sure to hand over money, goods, handshake etc. with your right hand.

· When entering the temple
If you go inside the temple by sightseeing, wear a strap called a salon and a band called Surendan. These are borrowed at the entrance of the temple, so you do not need to prepare. Also, since the temple is a sacred place, avoid clothes with a lot of skin exposure such as tank tops.

Please take care, trouble cases

Airport Porter trouble
There is a porter that freely handles the baggage of passengers after they arrive at the airport outside, they request expensive chips such as "1,000 yen" or "$ 10".
If you are going to take your luggage with you, clearly say "NO!" And move on.
Car Travel Robbery
There are signs of theft before they happen with luggage and wallets in the taxi. For example, driver is changing the tire, from a nail puncturing the tire etc.

Even if the taxi or other vehicle tires are punctured, let's keep someone in the car and keep a watch for the baggage, or take your valuable items and get out the car if need be.
Exchange trouble
There is a chance that money may be "missplaced" a little if you exchange cash at a currency exchange shop, serving as a souvenir shop, in a place with many tourists such as Kuta and Sanur.

Once you leave the money change shop, you will not get in touch with the claim, so make sure to check the amount on the spot when you exchange money.
Also, let's exchange money at banks or professional money changers just to be safe.
Motorbike snatch
There are incidents in which people walking on the road can have their belongings snatched by people on a motorbike.
Let's make sure that the bag containing the valuables is handled properly, or in font of you.
Also, do not put valuables in baskets such as bicycles.
When I feel sick or diarrhea etc.
In a completely different environment, tiredness of travel and high temperature and humidity, the body may be weakened without even knowing it. Also, due to unfamiliar spices and dishes containing peppers, diarrhea and gastroinestinal conditions may occur.

It is good to bring a good medicine, but there are diseases that you do not experience elsewhere, so going to a professional hospital will likely happen.
Kuta has an international hospital where you can communicate easily, and if you consult with the front desk of the hotel where you are staying, you can ask more about it.

In addition, treatment costs overseas may be surprisingly high.
We strongly recommend you to take overseas travel insurance before traveling.
Depending on insurance, you can receive treatment without cash in hand at a hospital in Bali. When you join insurance, let's investigate firmly which hospital you are contracting.

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