Golf in Bali~!
Believe it or not, there are fantastic golf courses in Bali. Some of them are nominated "Best in Asia" And others are even nominated as some of the "Top 50" in the world! We have quite the popular selection for golfers.
One of the best qualities of the golf courses in Bali is the rich, natural enviorment. The most colorful bloom of flowers, Majestic mountains and the indian oceans waves in the surrounding area. you can reserve your place at one of the beautiful locations! Guarenteed!


  • New kuta golf


    A beautiful golf course just 20 minutes from Bali airport! Amazing view of the sea, overlooking the Uluwatu Temple in the distance.
    For strategic and new players, this is highly recommended.

  • Bali national golf


    A Bali golf & country club that many customers near the hotel area come to. Very convenient with distance and availability in Nusa Dua. With it being renewed as a Bali National Gold club.

  • Nirwana golf


    A gold course overlooked by Greg Norman. Among the other golf courses, maybe this is the most challenging, and the most beautiful scenery available? We think so, come and enjoy!

  • Handara golf


    A well established golf course nominated in the "top 50 best courses in the world"! A very prestigious course, used in many championship matches.

  • Bali beach golf


    This is a golf course adjacent to Inna Bali Beach hotel in Sanur, just 20 minutes from the airport! Those who want to enjoy a natural, rough course, we recommend this 9-18 hole course.



Here we state all precautions for all golf courses!

At our company, we arrange reservations for two or more people at all golf courses. Please be advised, we do not reserve for only one person

About Holiday fee Holiday fees apply on weekends (Saturday Sunday) and for indonesian holidays.
Please see here for indonesian holidays >>Calender of Bali
Minimum amount of players Please reserve at least 2 or more at a time, we do not make reservations for less than 2.
Payment Method Our staff will collect payment one day before the golf match, or the day of the match. (Details will be given at the time of reservation)
Please pay the staff in currency mentioned during reservation,we do not accept credit cards, sorry about the inconvenience.
Also, for rentals on the golf course for various items, please pay directly to the golf course.
Cancellation Policy Cancellation after the day of the reservation is subject to 100% cancellation fee. For details
For details>>About Cancellation
About clothing Golf shirt with collar, golf shorts of pants, soft/rubber spike shoes with socks. (Jeans, t-shirts without collars are not allowed)
Caddy information There is one Caddy per customer. (Caddy obligation is obligatory) After your rounds, please be kind to the Caddy (Tips) The price of the chip is Rp100,000-Rp200,000 per person
About Golf Bags Please be sure to have one golf bag per player. Putting all golf clubs into one bag is not allowed.Golf bag rental is available, please to not hesitate to ask us
About Golf Cart The gold carts are two-seaters that the players drive themselves(Bali beach golf will be hand trolly only) Passenger carts can run only on exclusive roads and cannot enter the fairways. People under 16 cannot drive the carts.
About Guests Guests are those who ride in the cart with players, on the course, without payment and participation, any guest under the age of 10 is not allowed.


藤太郎イラスト1On this page, we will introduce the golf courses by using a chart

But you may have questions about specific details of each course, so you wont kow which one to pick.
Therefore, over 20 years of living in Bali, golf addict Mr. Fujitaro will guide you through the characteristics of each golf course with easy charts
Enjoy picking a golf course that suites your taste.

How to read the golf course evaluation chart

We summarize the characteristics of each golf course on this chart. The bold lines showing the higher ratings as they rise out of the circle.
Each one are as follows.

We calculated the difficulty of the golf course. The higher the rating, the higher the challenge.
We evaluated the facilities, such as clubhouses and the cafeteria
Rated carefully with specific fees for 1 round (weekdays)
Evaluated based on the distance from many of the Nusa Dua Hotel areas
We evaluate each courses environment, such as temperature and surrounding landscape
Total size・・・
Evaluated the distance of the course and size of its entirety, the long and wider the course, the better rating it has.

Traverse each golf course using a cart


New Kuta Golf is a Linked course by the sea, about 15 minutes by car from Nusa Dua area, heading twards Uluwatu.

藤太郎イラスト2The fairway is long, the sea breeze is strong, sand traps are ready, high strategy required. This course is very challenging. It is very well maintained throughout the year. Opened in 2009 and still going strong.

The course was made on a vast location, each fairway is wide and long, including the size of the greens themselves. Making them very fast, a very aggressive course with high speed greens makes quite a challenge.
With one caddy per guest, and a passenger cart, you can enjoy your golfing experience here very comfortably. Mr. Fujitaro urges you to try for yourself, and will welcome you with open arms.
Green frees for tourists are set slightly higher, but if you make a reservation from you will receive a very special rate


Bali National Golf Club (Formerly Bali Gold & Country) is a course adjacent to the hotel area of Nusa Dua. A special course made near the Nusa Dua area, so it is very easy access for those in the hotels, though the cost is a bit higher.

The fairway is quite wide, though the distance is shorter, the green is also on the short side. But it is great fir sightseeing, not for professional golfers, but anyone looking for a good relaxing time with some skill should try.

The carts here are two seater with a caddy per customer, so the round will be easy turn arounds. In January 2014, Bali Golf & Country was revamped to become Bali National Golf Club


藤太郎イラスト3Nirwana Golf is a course is overlooked by a professional golfer Norwegian Greg Norman near the Tanah Lot temple. Known for its beautiful sunset, its only about 60 minutes from the Nusa Dua area by car. Due to the fact that it was created on a small landscape, the distance between each hall is short, and the fairway also feels a little narrow. In addition, the green is also small but very high speed. There are rich changes in each hall, such as shorter courses, some over the beach, and others over creeks in front of the green. It is designed to try a more distance feel in your approach. From long hitters, power hitters, the strategic will get the better score.

A female caddy is assigned to each customer, also driven on a two seater passenger cart, so you can easily get around. This is a resort golf course for tourists, so the price is a little higher, but well worth the pay.


Taking a car from Nusa Dua will take nearly 2.5 hours to reach this mountain course, Bali Handa Ra Golf. Located in the Budgul plateau.

藤太郎イラスト4This area is located at a higher altitude, its much cooler than most other Bali area's. So you can traverse around it without breaking too much of a sweat.

However, it does tend to be in a much more rainy area, so we do not recommend a round during the rainy season.

The courses fairway is wide, rough, and short. Because the courses are a tad short overall, a powerhitter will be unsatisfied. The green is also not as challenging, so it wont be as difficult.

One caddy per guest, generally male.


Bali Beach Golf Course is a golf course located next to the Inna Bali Beach hotel, a more popluar hotel in Sanur, a town by the sea. Nearly 20 minute drive from the Nusa Dua Area.

藤太郎イラスト5With easy access and good price, the course only has 9 holes. But if you buy into 18 holes, you will just be doing a turn around and repeating the course twice. Due to the golf course being built on a site that is not very wide, the distance is short and fairway is narrow, so using a driver is limited. There is no passenger cart on the course, so you will be walking around and pulling a trolley. Great exercise due to the high temperature and physical strength needed. The clubhouse and lockers are quite impressive, breakfast and lunch are available as well, with very easy access, its a course to easily spend your time and return to for relaxing rounds.



お客様の口コミ・レビューBali golf course reviews

There are many various golf courses in Bali, such as Nirwana Golf and New Kuta Golf.

You may wonder specific questions like "Is this course going to be difficult?" Or "How is the food at this course?".

Thus, we gathered many different reviews from real people that were guests of for you to view at your own comfort. All of them are not scripted, from actual live guests. Please refer to the reviews for more.

Thanks for your Reviews

  • New Kuta golf
  • Bali national golf
  • Nirwana golf
  • Sonota golg

..>> Voice

New Kuta Golf Reviews
I enjoyed playing
(Posted 30th December 2014)

Thanks to everyone at, i had a very satisfactory experience playing the course here with my friends who were elderly. Also, Mr. Fujiwara is delighted to welcome us from foreign lands in early spring 2015.

The other day during my stay, im very grateful to the kind attendance i received, and the attention given to the mail with information on I have worked in a town called Butterworth, Malaysia, 4 years, a long time ago. But during that, i visit Sumatra, Java Island, Kalimantan Island Etc... Not only Malaysia but also around Indonesia. It is the second time i travel through Bali, it was a shock to see so many cars crowding together everywhere in traffic, new highways, cityscape changed long ago. But even through all of that, the local people's hospitality to foreigner tourists remain the same as before. They touch your heart with a warm smile. It makes you feel at home with the kind of feelings they give with respectful interactions. It was Mr.Fujiwara who instructed and educated the local people this way.
The only unfortunate experience was the rain after entering Jakarta.
But luckily the weather changed to save the day, it was nice and hot on the exact day that i played, very lucky. I was also able to communicate happily with the caddies in the local language that i studied long ago.
The only unfortunate experience was the rain after entering Jakarta. But luckily the weather changed to save the day, it was nice and hot on the exact day that i played, very lucky. I was also able to communicate happily with the caddies in the local language that i studied long ago.
I greatly enjoyed playing with confidence
(Posted December 8, 2014)

On 12/29, i had an amazing experience at New Kuta Golf. Thank you very much. Mr.Fujiwara's team was very polite, and kind. I was able to play with such confidence and enjoyment.
I greatly enjoyed playing with confidence
(Posted december 29, 2014)

I remember the course very well, the location was wonderful. The 6th hole had an excellent short, the 7th left an impression with how stragegically tough it was. A well spent 3 hours.The Image of South Asia has changed as a result of the travel service from hotel to hotel, and from course to course, also course to hotel, very quickly, always on time.
The hotels interior deems the highest praise, very satisfying. I would like to thank everyone, including Mr.Fujiwara to show my gratitude. And of course for my traveling experience that i will never forget. I hope you all coninue to do what you do the best, with this wonderful service that anyone can travel through Bali safely, comfortably, and happily.
The green condition wasnt as expected
(Posted December 8, 2014)

Thank you for taking such good care of me again. No problem at all with reception, golf course, or pick up service. Sadly on the course itself (Nyukta), they were doing aeration, and the green condition wasnt so good. There were quite a few fairways that the turf was cut short. Different than my expectation was for the landscape and course.
This time i played on Nirwana. The condition was good, the course was very interesting, and the scenic view was very beautiful. Im glad the Bali National recommended it. It is really helpful to be able to corrspond in Japanese also. I wish for your further success in development. Thank you very much.
This experience became very good memories.
(Posted September 18, 2014)

I have returned home safe thanks to your hard work, the golf round was also very pleasant, leaving such a good memory. Even though i come to Bali for surfing, the golf course was a nice surprise with how beautiful it was.
I am indebted to you for my Bali experience, thank you so much. I will use you for my trip again next time. Thank you.
Bali National Golf reviews
I enjoyed my golfing experienced more than expect.
(Posted August 19, 2014)

Inquiries about my tour through Bali were reserved, confirmed, and taken care of very professionally and quickly. Thank you very much. the time it took for me to get to New Kuta Golf and through accommodation was only about 15 minutes. I was able to enjoy my round without the stress or worry of timeframe or travel. From pickup to dropoff, everything was smooth thanks to the guides and Mr.Fujiwara.
Although there were a lot of families on the course, i was able to spend my time there with a pleasant and cheerful caddy. Outrageous as it was that a lot of new players and children were playing the course for the first time, taking a long time, i myself am a beginner, so i dont quite understand how long it should have taken, or if the course was professionaly good or bad.
But what i do know is the view of the 14th hole is the best! *(^ O ^)/*. Next time i come to Bali, i will be sure to bother you all again for some more golf! Thank you!
Bali National Golf reviews
Caddy was friendly and cheerful.
(Posted June 22nd, 2014)

During my stay in Bali, everyone left an impression on me, so i will comment here about them. I was a bit puzzled when i recieved an e-mail asking for a deposit before going on my trip, though everything turned out just fine, and on schedule. Bali National Hotel had a free pick up and drop off in the Nasadia area. When contacted in advance, the taxi fee saved me some RP, and i had a high sense of security in the special car selected.
The golf course was extremly satisfying, and my caddy was very helpful and had a great attitude. Though the distance was a bit short, the fairway and green were still challenging.
As for me, i was very happy that i made a birdie at the 17th hole, the floating island. I surprised my caddies with well placed tips for having such good aura's about them, very cheerful people, and kind. I thinked them in the local language.
The landscape is very beautiful at the resort, but you cannot view the sea very well from the clubhouse. Everything about the clubhouse, the staff, the food, how quick it was all made and put together, was very good. Also the club management help us with translation errors, saving the day.
There arent many golf courses like this anymore.
(Posted june 4, 2014)

I am indebted to you all for my experience in Bali. I played golf twice, once in Bali, and the other in Jakarta. I've played gold in Japan and overseas, but my experience here was special. The Bali national course was well maintained, and had a magnificent view. I dont think there is many more courses out there like this.
Jakarta golf course had a great price, but it seems the rental was not so much. If any of you readers have time to go, i recommend making the reservation with!
Nirwana Golf reviews
Nirwana Golf reviews
I myself, and my whole group were very pleased.
(Posted June 20th, 2014)

Thank you for everything in my Bali tour. Everyone with me were very pleased with the experience. In particular, we were all looking forward to the golf course. It was well rounded in a fantastic location that we cannot experience in Japan. When we travel again, we will be pleased to use this again.
The course was very fun to play
(Posted April 4, 2014)

First of all, thank you very much for helping my tour.
No mater my ending result, playing the course in Nirwana was very fun!~ The directions used by the guides and the drivers, both professional.
If i get the opportunity to travel to Bali again, i will reserve here for New Kuta Golf course next time!
Everyone who participated were very satisfied.
(Posted june 29, 2013)

Thank you so much for my tour day. For all the hard work put into it, i was able to enjoy my golf experience in Bali a lot. After i rescheduled on site, the response was very quick! Thank you! The Nirwana Golf Course was also a very good experience for all participants, and we were happy with the strategic and natural landscape.
The guides and drivers were great, very likeable. Thank you for giving me such a chance to experience Bali this way!


Bali golf course fee comparison

Bali has many different options for golf courses, and to pick the right one, you need to look for environment, course type, distance, challenge level, and importantly, the price. Here, we list all of the rates to help you with your choice.

Bali Island golf course map and fee comparison guide.

Bali Island golf course map and fee comparison guide.

Bali island golf course fee list (per person / round fee only)

Consider the information on the map above as well

Golf course Program Weekday rates Weekend/Holiday Rates

ニュークタゴルフNew Kuta

Normal round $88 $117
Group Discount (10 or more) $83 $110
Afternoon Plan $80

バリナショナルゴルフGolf Country

Normal round $140
Evening round $95

バリビーチゴルフBali Beach

18 hole round $85
Evening round $60


Normal round $150
Evening round $92 $100


Normal round $125
Included in price
・Caddy fee - Tax - Facility fee (lockers ect.)
・Bali beach Golf is a 9 hole golf course, if you are going through 18 holes, just go around the course twice.

Travel fee list with transfer to/from hotel (per person)

Consider the information on the map above as well

Golf course Program Weekday rates Weekend/Holiday Rates

ニュークタゴルフNew Kuta

Normal round $96 $125
Group Discount (10 or more) $92 $118
Afternoon Plan $88

バリナショナルゴルフGolf Country

Normal round $140
Evening round $110

バリビーチゴルフBali Beach

18 hole round $100
Evening round $77


Normal round $170
Evening round $110 $120


Normal round $160
Included in price
・Caddy fee - Tax - Facility fee (lockers ect.
・Bali beach Golf is a 9 hole golf course, if you are going through 18 holes, just go around the course twice.

<Reference sheet>Summary if traveling from hotel area to each golf course(If using a car/ vehicle)

Golf course Nusa Dua Kuta Sanur Ubud
New Kuta 15 Minutes 20 Minutes 45 Minutes 90 Minutes
Golf Country 5 Minutes 25 Minutes 40 Minutes 90 Minutes
Bali Beach 40 Minutes 25 Minutes 5 Minutes 40 Minutes
Nirwana 90 Minutes 75 Minutes 90 Minutes 90 Minutes
Handara 120 Minutes 120 Minutes 120 Minutes 120 Minutes

※This is just standard timing. Changes may occur due to traffic jams and other road contitions ect.

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