Long ago, communication in Bali was not so easy, But thats not the case anymore. Currently, you can easily get in touch with your mobile phone no matter where you go in Bali.
Of course, if your mobile phones also use roaming service, you can call, send mail, and watch the web without changing the phone number.
For Bali's mobile phone communication, GSM communication can be done throughout Bali, 4G communication can be done in big towns where tourists gather. Recently LTE service has started. Here, we will explain the situation of mobile phones in Bali and how to use mobile phones.
(Price data etc. posted is as of April 2017) ~

Mobile phone situation in Bali

Use Docomo's mobile phone in Bali

Docomo's mobile phone can be used in Bali, With the service World Wing.

Mobile phone that can use World Wing
Current Docomo mobile phones support GSM and 4G communication, so most models can be used in Bali.

However, there are things that some models can not use, please check if your mobile phone can be used with this link >> Search service area by model (Please set in "Asia" and "Indonesia" for destination)
Apply for World Wing
If you use World Wing, you will need to apply before traveling.

You can apply with mobile phone settings, the Internet, docomo shops, etc.
For details on how to apply, etc. Please check this site >>World Wing application
Fee for use in Bali (voice call)
Calling charges with mobile phones using World Wing in Bali will be as stated below.
A carrier* Dialing (USD $ / minute)) Incoming
(USD $ / minute)
To Bali island To Japan To countries other than Japan
INDOSAT 0.68 3.46 3.46 1.41
T-SEL 0.68 3.46 3.46 1.41
XL 0.68 3.46 3.46 1.41
※You can select The carrier by going to mobile phone setting >> How to set up the carrier
(This setting will be available after arriving in Bali)
(Fee for use in Bali (data communication)
In case of i-mode, data communication, SMS in BaliCommunication feeWill be as follows.

Carrie I-mode data communication SMS (transmission)
INDOSAT Fixed amount * 1 Fixed amount * 1 9 USD / 1 line
T-SEL 900 yen/package*2 900 yen/package 9 USD / 1 line
XL 900 yen/package2 900 yen/package 9 USD / 1 line
※* 1: If you choose INDOSAT as a telecommunications provider, you can use overseas Holiday packet. (For those who use "Packet Flat-rate Plan" etc. in Japan)

Up to 200,000 packets, up to 18 USD per day, if the price exceeds 200,000 packets, up to 27 USD per day
Pricing details please see >> International holiday packet application conditions and fee

* 2: Up to 50 packets, the fixed price is 0.45 USD, and the portion exceeding 50 packets is 4 USD / packet.
With Soft Bank's mobile phone, if you are connected world-wide with mobile (GSM, 4G), you can use it in Bali.

Use Soft Bank's mobile phone in Bali

Soft Bank 's mobile is a service that allows you to use Soft Bank 3G/4G mobile phones that are used worldwide with the same phone number and e - mail address.

What is the world-ready mobile phone?
n this site, there is detailed information such as available models What is a worldwide mobile phone? If you are using a worldwide mobile phone (GSM, 3G/4G), you can use it in Bali.
Apply for worldwide mobile phone
Applications can be done online (My Soft Bank) or SoftBank Shop.
Please see this site for details >> Confirmation before departure
Set up mobile before traveling
For worldwide compatible users, you can use it even if you do not make any special settings, but for safer use, let's set PIN code & MMS settings.

For details, please visit this site >>Settings before departure
Setting in Bali
When you arrive in Bali, you can set up network mode and communication service provider so that you can use it more advantageously. Especially, if you are using e-mail or Web, you can not receive unlimited, unless you set the carrier to "XL".

For details, please visit this site>> Setting overseas
Fee for use in Bali (voice call)
The calling charges when using world-ready mobile phonesin Bali are as follows.
Telecommunications provider* Outgoing (USD / min) Incoming
(USD / minute)
SMS transmission
(USD / minute)
To Bali island To Japan
INDSAT 115 265 155 100
Telkomsel 75 260 155 100
XL 75 260 155 100

Let's buy a mobile phone in Bali ~ Bali mobile situation

It is good to use a mobile phone with a roaming service in Bali, but if you call a lot in Bali or come to Bali many times, buying a phone to use in Bali more specifically might be best。

Purchase mobile phone body
There are always cell phone stores in Bali's supermarkets and department stores, and it is said that Tenku Umar Street of Denpasar is the "mobile phone street", a lot of mobile phone dealers are gathered in that area.。

Also, there are a lot of mobile phone dealers in big cities, so you can purchase mobile phones there. Since it is unnecessary to purchase a mobile phone with identification, travelers can also feel free to purchase them. (Please bring your passport as a precaution)

Purchase SIM card
Purchasing a SIM card when you purchase a phone.

A SIM card is a FOMA card referred to in Japan, and this card has a phone number and connection data. If you insert this into a mobile phone, you can use service.
In Japan, it is SIM locked and you cannot use SIM a card inserted at the time of purchase, but because Bali is not SIM locked, you can use any company's card at purchase.
(However, please note that there are formats such as CDMA, 3G, 4G, and GSM)

Since SIM cards are sold at cell phone shops in the streets for around Rp 20,000, purchasing mobile phones is a good, and cheap idea.
Although there are several telecommunications companies in Bali, it is recommended because "Telecom cell company (brand name: sympathy)", "Indosat company (brand name: Muntari)" etc. are large and service range is wide, too.
Also, for each telecommunications company, we are conducting campaigns such as "Rp 1 / minute for same company calls" or "SMS 100 free mail", so its best to choose a telecommunications company from the frequency of use and area etc.
Let's put in pulsa
Mobile phone usage in Bali is a prepaid system.
The purchased SIM card is charged with Rp 10,000 worth of credit, but when the credit becomes low, you recharge the credit at the cell phone shop etc.
This credit is called Pulsa (Pulsa) · The method to charge your credit is by purchasing a card with a 16-digit number and entering that number from the mobile phone
· Electric method: to have you transmit Pulsa from mobile phone shop phone
There are two methods.

Mobile phones purchased in Bali can not be used elsewhere due to differences in radio formats and SIM cards. However, most Asian countries except Japan and Korea have the same radio format, so even if you change the SIM card, you can use it in other countries as well.
Although it is a SIM card, it will become unusable unless the pulser is charged again by the expiration date displayed after charging the pulser. However, since the SIM card is cheap, you can do as you wish, even discard it to buy a new one.

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