Bali Marine

  • Marine Sports Activity

    Enjoy the seas in Bali with classic marine activities.
    Standard classic marine sports activities such as jet skiing, snorkeling, and fly fishing in a banana boat are here. Please select some of your favourite things to do here and enjoy the Sea of Bali!
  • Ocean Walker

    Enjoy easy diving in Tanjung Benoa!
    No need for license of special skills, even with glasses, you can handle this super easy dive. Aion Walker.
    Feel free to enjoy a walk on the ocean floor in Bali~
  • Sea Walker

    You do not need a license for this super easy dive.
    As a Sea walker, you are equipped with a special helmet that always sends fresh hair through, and you can enjoy the sea floor at depths of 5 to 7 meters, Easy to do.
    Whether you can swim or not, or wear glasses, you can enjoy the underwater world.
  • Dolphin Lodge

    Come play with the Dolphins in Bali!
    At the dolphin lodge, you can truly be with dolphins!
    You enter a swimming pool where dolphins swim, touching them and even hugging them!
    The dolphins are smart enough to pick up stones to throw, jump when you signal, and more.
    From the bottom of your heart, this is a marine sport to make you smile.
  • Sunset dinner cruise

    A romantic dinner while watching the sunset dye the sky red.
    The sunset in Tropical Bali is beautifully red. How about a romantic dinner to top it off?
    Come here to create a wonderful memory in Bali!
  • Time to enjoy a day on a natural and rich Lembongan Island!

    It is 40 minutes by high speed boat from Bali. Lembongan Island is naturally beautiful and rich.
    The seas of Lembongan Island are clear enough to see through, where you can enjoy the sight of coral reef and tropical fish.
    Also a mangrove forest spreads across the way.
    This is a great tour that give you the experience of the sea and mangrove all at once
  • Bali Hai Cruising

    Enjoy some marine sports with this elegant cruise over the beautiful sea!
    Come enjoy a day of marine sports in the ocean of Lembongan Island, with a big matamaran Bali Hai 2, or an elegan sailing ship, Aristocat.
    Go snorkeling and take advantage of the marine activities!
  • Submarine

    We invite you to a underwater world at the depth of 30 meter!
    Come explore the Azure ocean in Bali with a special electric submarine, one of the few in the world, made in France.
    This depth of 30 meter is a whole new world, which cannot be touched by snorkeling, its a treasure trove of reefs and tropical fish.
    We invite you to this unique experience that people love!
  • Ocean Rafting

    Adventure the Bal sea with Ocean rafting using a powerful engine!
    Enjoy a run through Bali's sea in a high speed ocean rafting boat with a 750 horsepower engine.
    You can enjoy a tour in the east of Bali, Nusa Pendia, and enjoy the sightseeing for Dolphins~

Customers Voice

customer's voiceBali Marine Sports reviews

The famous Bali Marine sports like, banana boat, snorkeling, dolphin watching etc. Marine sports arent going anywhere.
But.... experience Bali marine sports for the first time, you will have things to worry about, and other things you dont understand So we have compiled reviews of our guests who experienced all the things you want to try in Bali, through Everyone who is considering Bali Marine sports, by all means, refer to the reviews below.

Reviews - Thank you

customers voice
Dolphin Lodge reviews
I caught a cute dolphin

I was able to spend my holiday very happily in Bali!
Thank you very much!
Driver came earlier than the set time, and they waitedm i was very moved!
Thank you very much for letting me experience touching cute dolphins and arrangeing our spa treatments too!
Marine Sports (Mawarukunin) reviews
It was my first marine sport

I am sorry that i was edgy about the last minute reservation last time.
I have not experienced marine sports before, And my children had such a strong reaction of excitement to it, yelling "it was fun, it was fun!". Banana boat and parasailing were also very enjoyable, it felt good.
If i had known of such things, i would have experienced them long ago...Im very grateful for helping me with this experience.
Price is also good. Thank you for letting me feel like this for the first time in Bali.
Thank you
Everyone was very satisfied!

I recently reserved some activity in Marine sports, in Bali.
Everyone with me was very happy and satisfied!
Thank you so much!
Lembongan Island Snorkeling & Mangrove Tour reviews
Everyone is very happy

I owe you guys for the guidance tour!
Even all my friends who went together were greatly satisfied, with a wonderful guide.
I would love to ask for you again next year!
Thank you so much
There were many fish and coral too

Snorkeling on Lembongan Island on the 1st day was awesome.
A variety of fish and corals that i saw during the dive will forever be in my memories.
It was more fish and coral than any other place i'ce snorkeled. I had no troubles grabbing on to the floating rings as the tide swept.
I was uneasy snorkeling for the first time, it was not easy for me to go under the surface, but a staff member came to help me, and after only one attempt i was able to dive.
I was surprised with coral in hand, the ocean was so beautiful and clear, i could see fish from far away.
The staff member taught me about some fish, and i was deeply moved to see Nemo!
The mangrove was very mysterious as well, the meals were delicious, too.
I would love to go back to Bali again to go through this company and do snorkeling all over again!

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