I will explain how to travel from the airport in Bali to the various hotels and towns.
There is no train in Bali. Also there is no subway, so there are not too many public transportations like other countries. What is important for doing a sightseeing trip in Bali, is a means of transportation.
Commonly used are cars such as taxis, and car charters. There are various other means of transport such as a shuttle bus and a motorbike.
Here I will explain traveling methods and traffic within Bali.

From the airport to the Denpasar - Bali traffic

From airport to town / hotel

When using a tour company
If you are using a tour company, the guide of the tour company is picking you up at the meeting point near the airport exit. The guide of the tour company has a sign with the name of his company, and a sign for your name, so it will be easy to find the company you are touring with.

Starting at the airport, you will be traveling in a private car dedicated to your travels that you reserved through your tour company, which will pick you up and drop you off at designated spots.
When using hotel pick-up service
Most hotels offer a shuttle service.
If you use the hotel's pick-up service, the hotel driver will have a board with hotel name and customer's name on the meeting point at the airport exit, so look to find the hotel driver you asked for.
Please check at hotel reservation for pick-up charges and other fees.
When using an airport taxi
Just outside of the airport exit, is the meeting point. You will find the airport taxi Around the area as well.
The airport taxi is fixed for each area of ​​he destination and it is paid in advance at the airport counter, so I think that you can use it with confidence without charge troubles.

However, if you are going to a hotel that is not famous or a distant hotel such in a area like Ubud, the driver may not know the location, so it is better to print in advance, the hotel address and telephone number.

From denpasar to airport

When using a taxi
With southern areas such as Kuta and Sanur, you can catch a meter taxi easily.
Since there are both domestic and international flights at Denpasar airport, if you go to the airport by taxi, please confirm from which side you are departing(Such as terminal) and give directions.
However, there is no meter taxi in the Ubud area, you will have to use a personal business transporter. Ubud's transporter will return home in the evening, so if you plan to go to the air at night, make a reservation in advance.
When using a pick-up service
Hotels and spas have pickup services to the airport. There is also a free service inside, so let's use it well and go to the airport.
When using shuttle bus
Traveling from the Ubud area to the airport is possible for the shuttle bus of Plama.
However, there are five flights to Kuta area per day, but since there are only two flights per day to the airport, please be careful of the time.

Traffic inside Bali

Because there is no railway in Bali, the travel will be exclusively a car.

Although the fee is metered, there are also drivers who charge a high price from the destinations without using the meter, so be sure to check that you will be set to the meter when the taxi starts to move.

Drivers can understand simple English, but few people understand Japanese. It would still be a good idea to prepare a paper with the destination address and telephone number.

There is no meter taxi in the Ubud area. Instead, a personal business transporter stands on the corner of the city and calls out "Transport?" Since we are using a private car without a meter, You tell the destination before getting on and negotiate the price beforehand.
Car Charter
If you ask the local travel agency through the hotel's tour desk or the internet, you can arrange a charter car with a driver easily and cheaply.
Most car charter companies decide the fee within 8 hours or 12 hours, so using a car charter to move to a spa or nearby destination, to a nearby restaurant ect. is very unlikely. But sightseeing, If you go to various places over a entire day like touring around, car charters are a good choice.
Also, even if you want a guide that can speak Japanese, we recommend the guided car charter because the fee will not change so much, we will assist you with reservations for various tourist attractions, restaurants, spas etc.
Car rental and rental bike
There are many rental services that rent cars and motorbikes in the city, many rental bikes, but if you are not a member of the International License Agreement, then you will have no Indonesian license, and you will be driving without license.
(If there is a valid international license, there is information that it will not become unlicensed even in Indonesia, but we can not confirm it) Also, as the traffic laws and manners are different from other areas, the driving is quite rough, so it is not recommended for travelers to rent a car or rent a motorbike to drive.

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